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What is your employee training with DOT forms?

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I travel frequently with my service dog. I have been on 11 Southwest flights since April and every time I travel the agent tells me different information when I present my DOT form. 


For example:

On 5/31, a SW agent told me that I needed to present my DOT form to the skycap desk and that the date should be within three days of travel. 

On 6/23, a SW agent told the date had to be within 7 days of departure.

On 6/17 a SW agent told that I could present a DOT form at the gate counter, but they only had forms available at the ticket counter so I should go back through security to fill it out. 

On 7/6 I was told that I should check in at the ticket counter, and that the date on the DOT form needed to be the day of travel. 


None of these coincide with what your website says, which is that the DOT form should be dated on or after the date you booked the ticket, and that you can present it at either the ticket counter or the gate counter. 


What kind of training are your employees getting with service dogs and DOT forms? Whatever it is, the training isn't effective because no one is on the same page.


Re: What is your employee training with DOT forms?

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This is a customer to customer forum. You are welcome to submit your comments directly to Southwest. Use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message.