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Wheelchair assistance and walker being checked

Explorer C

Traveling with my senior mother in a month or so.  She will need wheelchair assistance but will want to bring her walker for use at her destination.  Can we still gate check her walker and get wheelchair assistance when we check in?


There was a topic related to this but it is over 5 years old and would like confirmation gate checking a waker will not be an issue.  Would prefer to counter check as we are concerned about damage if we check at the counter.



Re: Wheelchair assistance and walker being checked

Aviator A

There should be no problem with what you would like to do.  You can also request wheelchair assistance anytime after purchasing the reservation.  Retrieve the reservation online and click the "special assistance" link on the passenger who needs it.



Re: Wheelchair assistance and walker being checked

Aviator A

If you have a layover you could gate check the walker if it would be of any assistance to your mother that way you have it on layovers (if one exists) or you get it at the gate for use to head to baggage claim. If you don’t need it you can check it to baggage claim and use the wheelchair service instead.