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Re: Wheelchairs

Frequent Flyer B

The ACAA and Federal Law.


Thats where Jetway Jesus comes into play healing all those mid flight.

Re: Wheelchairs

Aviator A

@jshuffield wrote:

 I’ve never seen so many wheelchairs on every flight I took this past week, and there were at least a few people in those wheelchairs I saw up and walking prior to boarding. 

Yeah, because every handicap that qualifies for preboarding requires people to be incapable of walking.  (insert eyeroll here)



Re: Wheelchairs

Explorer C

You do realize that people who use wheelchairs CAN walk, right?


Like most wheelchair users don't use a wheelchair because they can't walk... they use one because they can't walk long distances without being in a lot of pain (that is the case for me, I need both of my hips replaced and I am not even 30 years old. I have severe hip dysplasia that was not caught &/or corrected as a child)... or because they have a lung disease (example: cystic fibrosis) and it's difficult for their bodies for them to walk long distances... or they have some other ailment that makes walking extremely taxing on their body. 


This stigma that in order to need a wheelchair you must NEVER use your legs again is incredibly harmful & ablest. Maybe consider educating yourself before you make comments like that (whether they be on the internet or in person). 


I wish you the very best. 

Re: Wheelchairs

Adventurer C

To help eliminate the “scammers” faking a disability to pre board and use a wheelchair, these passengers should be required to use a wheelchair when flight lands. I have a physical disability and am a person requiring a wheelchair. What makes me upset is to be amongst 15-20 people preboarding with a wheelchair but when it’s time for getting off plane, only 2 or  3 passengers require a wheelchair. Especially when none are available. Often they are the first ones up and off the plane.

Re: Wheelchairs

Aviator C

You cannot "require" that a person sit in a wheelchair.  We live in a free society.  


The moment that Southwest DEMANDS that a person use a wheelchair to exit the plane because they used one to enter the plane they will be sued into the next decade.

Re: Wheelchairs

Adventurer C

I've seen this abused many, many times. SWA has allowed this to matastasize over the years and now it's common. SWA can stop this but it's easier to turn their heads and act like it's not going on. They don't have the will to fix the matter.


I have no problem with a person that is wheel chair bound boarding first. But why are they allowed the premium seats that people have paid extra for?  Why can't they sit in the middle or even the rear of the plane?


What if you had a simple fee of $5 (nominal at best) to preboard? The abuse would not stop but the filthy person who abuses the system might not come up with the five bucks. I believe it would marketedly reduce the abuse.