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Where is my luggage?

Explorer C



URGENT: Need a help before our flight tomorrow.


We had a flight that was delayed over and over again, causing our flight from San Diego to arrive after our transfer in Chicago to Cincinnati. At that time the flight had been delayed over 5 hours and we were waiting in the airport with two young kids. We spoke to the assistant at the desk who stated that there were no guarantees about being able to leave Chicago unless we rented a car to drive to Cincinnati from Chicago. We couldn't take that chance so the assistant told us that the next available flight from San Diego to Cincinnati was three days later, on the 28th. He rebooked the flights.


When we asked what would happen with our luggage during the rebooking, the assistant said that it would be waiting for us in Cincinnati. However, we learned that the flight was eventually cancelled. We tried to call the Southwest support line for the past two days, but it has been busy every time we call and there is no chat feature.


My question is, how do we get our luggage at this point? We don't even know where it is. Will it be waiting for my family in Cincinnati on the 28th, or is it still in San Diego?


Re: Where is my luggage?

Aviator A

Baggage will go to the final destination listed on the bag tag. You can fill out a report at the BSO at baggage claim so they can contact you when your bag arrives for you to figure out your next step 

Re: Where is my luggage?

Explorer C

Thanks for the reply! We just found out that our flight tomorrow has been cancelled. I can't get ahold of anyone at Southwest, as the number is always busy.


With our flights continuing to be cancelled, would they still ship our luggage or would it still be at the San Diego airport?


Again, thank you for your input.