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Why pay?

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I am flying today and purchased 3 tickets for business select $120, I did this to board sooner and get off faster to reach my next flight. The people who needed assistance got boarded first which is fine. However some of those people brought an additional 2 people with them. This is unfair about 30 individuals were then pre boarded with no apparent disability. The ticketing agent was letting anyone on.


When I got on there were no available overhead storage and several of the front rows were taken. I was not the only upset passenger others who bought business select also felt cheated out of money. Another issue is several of this who boarded unfairly were saving seats and not one attendant said anything. SWA needs to fix this it's not right to sell something and allow people to cheat the system. I bought 3 select tickets for each member I did not cheat by buying 1 ticket and saving 2 seats.. 


Re: Why pay?

Retired Community Manager

Hi @ Bagarcia,


This topic has already been pretty thoroughly covered here. Check it out for some good information on how preboarding works and why some people's reasons for using it may not always be obvious. 



Re: Why pay?

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Lindsay, but does pre-boarding policies excuse the fact that people are saving seats for others in later boarding groups?  I agree that southwest needs to work on a clear policy that's consistent across flight crews. Seems to be a huge issue judging by how many people have raised the same issues. I guess SWA doesn't really care about their customers.

Re: Why pay?

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Ignore the seat savers claim and just sit wherever you want to.  If there is not a person in the seat, its open.


The faking preboarding is only getting worse.  Its such a big joke the SWA employees call them 'miracle flights'.


People who needed wheelchairs to pre board get healed in flight and dont need it on exit...