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Re: Worst airline ever in the world

Explorer A

I love 3-10's comments. Spot on. I sent a complaint because in 30 years of flying SW I have never seen this kind of behavior from the airline. I fly regularly from LA to the Bay Area once a month and can't recall many issues, including my last trip on 12/1. I think I was canceled once on Christmas Eve years ago because of a strike. This year was a whole other level and no it wasn't the weather. My friends in NYC got back to California just fine on Saturday. I was rebooked 3x for what was essentially an hour-long flight. I could have driven but the rental cars in my area were sold out. I was rebooked 2x and waited ten hours until 1 a.m. on Christmas Eve when we were told the pilot was on the way. When he arrived, a flight attendant bailed. The clerks whispered the news to us over the mics. I was rebooked for Christmas Day and the website posted a delay for an 8 pm flight at 11:00 am. Of course, the phone didn't work and the app login didn't work. Crash and burn all weekend. I didn't even bother going to the airport. I checked a flight tracking app and only a handful of flights out of LAX made it in the air yesterday. They were all delayed indefinitely or canceled. It's a shame because so many people missed out on being with their families. Back in the day, when a flight was canceled, the airline did everything to make it up to you. What I saw this weekend at LAX T1 was unacceptable. Stringing people along during the holiday season is just wrong and unnecessary. We could have made other choices if SW had shown some transparency.