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Worst day of Travel with SW

Explorer C

So after hours of tracvel.delays and being routed to a State further from my Destinayion than where I started. I’m wondering where I will sleep tonight as the plan that is supposed to take me to my destination is still not on the ground over four hours late.  Disappoint turn of events.  Even a little compassion and kindness from the South Wrdt people in Vegas would really help, but clearly none to be found here.  I’ll not repeats the SW experience again.  My third trip in which they have failed to get me where I was traveling on time in a row.  Find another option, I will!


Re: Worst day of Travel with SW

Aviator A

Sounds like all airlines are messed up with weather today. Hope the rest of your journey goes better.



Re: Worst day of Travel with SW

Aviator A

Once travel is complete you can always send an email to southwest using the contact us link at the bottom of this page and maybe they can issue your a voucher for the troubles today but no guarantee