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Young Traveler - checking in with the app, requirements for the escort

Explorer C

Hi everybody!


My 14 year old daughter will be traveling first time as a young traveler.  I just want to make sure I have all the bases covered.  I've read through some of the forum questions but haven't seen all of these answered.  I want this to be a smooth process, as we're all feeling a bit of apprehension with this first time foray into awesomeness.  So here we go:::


1. We're trying to use the app for her flight, but when we search with it her flight doesn't even show up (yes it's the correct confirmation and name).  Any reasons why, might some of you know?  Does she need to create her own account?


2.  For the escorts, from what I read is that all we need is a government ID and a copy of her itinerary.  I just want to make sure that the escorts don't need to be listed with the reservation.  I am listed as the parent, and I'll be picking her up.  But her mom will be dropping her off and is not listed.  Is this OK?


3.  From what I see, she doesn't need any ID.  I just want to make sure this is correct.  Is taking a school ID important?


4.  Any other tips anyone might have for me/us?  


Thank you!


Re: Young Traveler - checking in with the app, requirements for the escort

Aviator A

If you can't locate the reservation on this page of the Southwest site then you may want to call Southwest immediately to confirm the reservation exists.


It is handy to add a Rapid Rewards number to the reservation, that will link it to the flyer's account and show when logged into or on the app.  Everyone flying should get a RR account and start earning RR points.


You can request an escort gate pass at the full service check-in counter if you want to accompany the child to the gate or meet them at the gate.  There is no requirement to do so since a 14 year old is too old to be an unaccompanied minor and there is no drop off/pick up process.  I'm not sure where you listed yourself as a parent, but again, there's no process or checks in place for a 14 year old flying.  At that age they are treated like an adult and Southwest does nothing different for them.  It is up to Southwest's discretion to issue the escort pass, but I've never heard of anyone having trouble getting one.


A child under age 18 does not need an ID to pass through security, but if they have one from school it would be good to take along just in case there is any question about age.


Lastly I would suggest that with some discussion beforehand most teenagers can easily and safely navigate an airport on their own.  Southwest employees and other airport staff can answer questions as needed.  With some cash to buy food and some basic info about how airports work almost anyone can enjoy the experience.  I've talked to numerous people who were nervous, but thrilled when they first flew alone as a child and they are much better travelers now because of the experiences they had.



Re: Young Traveler - checking in with the app, requirements for the escort

Aviator A

Each person would have their own rapid rewards account so she can have her own not required but earn those points it’s free. 

when you say young traveler I assume you mean over 11 years old if so you can go to the ticket counter and ask for a gate pass and they will assist you (assuming young isn’t over 18 years old) they will need your ID to create the pass and you would need the ID at security 


be sure you arrive with enough time to go though security 


also let this be a lesson for your kid don’t stress and make it a scary experience maybe arrive with extra time to walk around the airport so they can get used to it and if they want to explore let’s them with you behind them that way they might be able to do the airport on their own next time like see if they can find the gate without your help (even though you will be there this time)