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accessibility seating

Explorer C

I travel with my mother who uses a collapsible wheelchair.  I always request the bulkhead seats on other airlines because i have to stand in front of her to help get her out of her seat (move around, go to restroom, etc.) I wasn't thinking when I booked two different airlines.  We'll be arriving in SEATAC on one airline and then leaving on SW.  It didn't hit me until i spoke with somone regarding disabilities that since I have two different airlines, I will have to pick up my luggage and re-check it to SW.  We arrive at 5am and our SW flight leaves at 6:35.  I know that SW doesn't assign seats (I've never flown SW with her) but I was planning on arriving early enough that we'd be able to get into the first row (with the space I need to help mom) upon boarding.  Now, I'm not sure we'll make it until the very end of the boarding.  What can I do to help my mom if we arrive after they've pre-boarded and the seats I need (at least one for her--I can sit wherever) are occupied? Any  help would be appreciated!  Thanks