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boarding pass

Explorer C

i printed my boarding pass   can I also get it on my mobile device as well


Re: boarding pass

Aviator A

Yes you can get your boarding pass on your phone and at the airport ticket counter even if you printed it at home. If there is more than one person on the reservation then mobile boarding passes will not be available. 


happy travels 


Re: boarding pass

Explorer C

Would you please look into changing your boarding pass software so that if two people check in under the same confirmation number so that we can get it on our mobile device? I have flown on other airlines and this is available. It is frustrating for us when we are traveling because we have to wait to get our boarding passess at the airport. Southwest is a great airline, I am sure there is someone in your software department that can make this happen. My partner and I would greatly appreciate it.

Re: boarding pass

Explorer C

I haven't had to use 'paper boarding passes' in what seems like forever!  The last two trips we've taken on Southwest has been a royal pain since you've refused to allow me to use my mobile pass.  Printing boarding passes?  Who does that any more? 

Re: boarding pass

Aviator B

In my experience people who use a boarding pass from a phone makes the boarding process longer than handing over a paper document.  Southwest Airlines offers self serve kiosks at all airports for printing boarding pass.


Just my opinion... 

Re: boarding pass

Explorer B

I want that printed boarding pass in my hands,  not somthing on my phone.  I feel more comfortable with that.  I'm just old school I guess!Smiley Happy

Re: boarding pass

Explorer C

I have checked do I get a printed boarding pass?