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Explorer C

We will be traveling in about  week and have a question about boarding. We will be traveling with my mother who is disabled and in a wheelchair. There are 7 people in our party including my children and my 2 year old granddaughter. When my mother boards between the A and B group how many of us other family members will be able to board with her? Thank you for your time.  


Re: boarding

Explorer C

I can tell you what I have witnessed, as a starting point.  There is always a person who will be able to board with the wheelchair passenger.  That person is kind of like the caregiver to help them board and get situated.  They are part of the "pre-Board" process, and need a blue packet that holds thier ticket.

As for a long line of other passengers in the family who want to get on the plane as well as part of the pre-board, that won't happen.

For kids, it is the 1-2 parents who are flying with the toddlers who are able to board during the family boarding between the A and B group.  If there is another child with that family, of course they will go along.  If you have other adults, mothers in law, aunts and uncles, they will board using their normal boarding group assignments.  They don't "need" to be directly with the family.

The general rule of thumb seems to be the disabled stay with their primary caregiver, and the toddlers stay with their parents.  All the other relatives or friends board at their designated time and sit wherever they choose.  There are often plenty of open seats available near toddlers!