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My questions are for my sister.  This is her first time flying in a long time and she's really nervous about checking in.  Can I check-in for her on my phone since she doesn't have access to a computer at the time she needs, and then can she get her boarding pass printed at the curb luggage check?   What does she need at curbside as proof of purchase?  We are in different time zones and her flight is at 3:30, which is 12:30 my time.  Do I check in at 12:30, 24 hours in advance?  Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


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@Gail65 this is the link to the Southwest checkin page, which requires the booking confirmation number, passenger's first name, and passenger's last name:


Check-in for those without EarlyBird Check-In starts 24 hours before the flight at the departure city so in the scenario you mentioned the check-in for her will be available at 3:30 for her, which would be 12:30 for you.


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Yes, your sister is able to pick up a boarding pass when she checks her luggage, she'll just need her government issued photo ID.  Here is the wording on the Southwest "In the Airport" page under the "Check Baggage" section:


"Check your luggage at the Southwest Airlines' ticket counter, curbside Skycap Podium, Express Bag Drop kiosks (where available), or Self-Tagging kiosks (where available). Business Select Customers and Rapid Rewards tier Members can check bags faster through the Fly By Priority Check-in Lanes at select ticket counters."


"Be sure to have your government-issued photo ID ready when checking luggage. Learn more about our checked baggage policy."


Your sister may want to give herself a time buffer to get to the airport and through security.  I personally love to fly, I'm excited for your sister!

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Re: check-in

New Arrival

Thanks for all the info.  It will ease her mind to have these questions answered.