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connecting flight with friend + anxiety disorder

New Arrival

I've never flown southwest, but I'll be flying alone for the first time and have anxiety. The first, short leg of my flight I will be alone, but a friend is meeting me at my connecting airport to fly with me the rest of the way. I'm really worried that we won't be able to sit together, because I'm going to really need the emotional support after flying alone & navigating the airport alone along with the nerves for the flight itself. I, of course, won't know our boarding positions until a day before, but if they aren't good then is there anythign we can do?? I was hesitant to put in any kind of special needs request because I'm sure there are people who need it more than me, but I am really concerned about experiencing a panic attack on-board. 


Re: connecting flight with friend + anxiety disorder

Active Member

If you do not want to board as a disabled passenger but want to come as close as possible to guaranteeing seats together, I would suggest buying early bird check in.  It is not a guarantee though, especially if a crowded route.  However boarding together before the A group boards is probably gives you your best chance, especially if you know you need it.  You might add extra anxiety by not knowing, and you could even do both to reduce worry if you so choose.