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damaged package

New Arrival

I checked a sewing machine in a box on a New Years Eve flight from STL to PDX and the box arrived damaged in Portland.   I immediately (withing 4 hour window) took the box to the Southwest baggage claim window, showed the attendant the torn box, and was told that the airline had no liability.

She pointed to "CA" written on the baggage tag that indicated that the customer assumed all responsibility for damage, and she sent me on my way.  No claim was made.  Not knowing what else to do, I took the box and went home.   At home I took pictures.  

I feel that  the airlines and other customers should know that such careless handling is unacceptable, and this occurrance should not be shrugged off so lightly by ariline staff.IMG-2666.jpgIMG-2665.jpg




Re: damaged package

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear about the damage, but it's unclear if just the box was damaged or the contents were also damaged. If it's just the box then I see no reason to complain. Most boxes for items like this are not meant to be shipped and are usually shipped to stores in an outer shipping box or on a pallet. There's also a big difference between a hard shell suitcase or thick, soft shell suitcase, both with hard wheels and corners and a cardboard box and when stacked together things will probably not go well for the box. Anytime I have checked a box on any airline I've been informed they have no liability for damage, often I've been asked to sign acknowledging that waiver. Do you recall any similar discussion when you initially dropped off the box ?