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delayed flight due to miscommunication and misinformation from Southwest

Explorer C

I had a flight booked this evening (flight number 2736) for 5:50pm from ISP to PBI which had been delayed twice. I had received a text message from Southwest at 1:50pm stating my flight was delayed until 7:35pm, and then received another text message at 5:30pm stating the delay had been pushed back further to 11:05pm. At this point I became disappointed due to the extremely late arrival time. Suddenly at 5:41pm (11 minutes after I received the last text from Southwest), Southwest informed me the flight would now be departing at 6:15pm. 30 minutes is not enough time to get to the airport for that departure time due to travel time and going through security check points.


At this point I now have missed my flight and every flight for the evening. I called customer service and had no choice but to wait 45 minutes for a call back. When I spoke to the customer service representative, she was able to get me on another flight in the morning which is inconvenient for me since I have prior work engagements which I will now miss. Not to mention medication I need that I will now have to go a day without. I suffer from severe asthma.


When I realized I had received C class seating I contacted customer service, waited 50 minutes again, received a call back, got put on hold immediately for 10 minutes, just to be disconnected. At this point, I wasn't even able to get a chance to speak to a representative to try to change my seat class.


The reason I wanted to change the C class seating was because of the traumatic experience of being the last person boarded in the last seat by the bathroom that I was continuously bumped into during my whole flight up to New York. I definitely did not want this same horrific experience during my flight home since we are supposed to be socially distant due to COVID-19.


I spent about $473 to fly with Southwest, which I feel was extremely expensive for a flight especially during a pandemic. I always fly Jet blue but heard good things about Southwest from a mothers group of 11k women. I am active member of this community of women who travel frequently, so I decided to give you a try. Unfortunately, I was misdirected and extremely inconvenienced and now disappointed.


I feel I should be compensated for this mess of an experience due to incorrect information from the company message alerts. Nobody should be without their medication and have to put their health at risk for incorrect delay information that caused me to miss my adjusted flight.


Re: delayed flight due to miscommunication and misinformation from Southwest

Aviator A

Flight delays can change at any time for a number of reasons (airline finds another aircraft, maintenance issue gets fixed quicker, weather clears, FAA releases a plane earlier) you should always arrive at least an hour before the original scheduled flight time for reasons just like these and not arrive at the airport based on the delayed flight time.  


In a situation like this it's very unlikely that you will get compensation since in the end your flight was not delayed however you are welcome to Contact Customer Relations to provide your feedback.