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good job on my check-in

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I have been a Southwest customer since forever (early 1980's). Love them to death. I have never missed a flight and have always been impressed with the quality of their service.


Today I had to travel to Chicago for my mom's funeral. I left for the airport 4 hours in advance of the flight, which should have put me at the airport with two hours to spare. Standard procedure for me.


Unfortunately, due to all-too-typical SEPTA incompetence, I got caught waiting for three buses that never came, and got to the airport (PHL) 35 mins. before the flight's scheduled departure time. Needless to say, the SEPTA drivers were very hostile about the entire situation, and I was extremely stressed.


I thought I was going to be prevented from checking bags and miss the flight. That would be sad that the only flight I ever missed was for my mom's funeral.


The service desk person saw I was rushing, and was quite nice. He moved quickly to help me, got the bags checked quickly, smiled, and was generally wonderful about the whole thing. He said he would do his best to take care of things.


I got to the gate when boarding just started - no problem there. When I got to Chicago my bags were the first off the plane. They were tagged late, but Southwest got them there. Amazing!


I always read the wonderful testimonials in the magazine (before COVID) about the way Southwest goes above and beyond the call of duty to help people. My situation was, you could say a small thing. But Southwest got the job done and for that I am very thankful.


As I was stressing about getting to the airport on time, there was some peace knowing Southwest agents would do their best to get me on that flight. Fortunately, it didn't require extraordinary measures. But Southwest takes care of their customers and that is what makes it arguably the best company in the world.

Thank you Southwest!



Re: good job on my check-in

Top Contributor

First off I’m sorry for your loss. 


Im glad the agent at the ticket counter was able Ron assist you and glad they got your bags on the plane without any issues. 


If you would like to share this compliment with southwest directly you can do so though one of these contact methods Submitting a Customer Service Compliment this way Southwest can pass on the kudos to the appropriate representatives at the airport.