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hair care

Explorer C

  Yes please, I am wondering if it is ok to  take my    small ionic hair roller(aka  hot rollers)  on my trip.. either carry on or check in? Thank you and hope to get an answer soon.


Re: hair care

Explorer C

May I carry on hot rollers for my hair?

Re: hair care

Frequent Flyer A


i believe you should be able to carry on hot rollers if they have no liquids in them and are just the plug in kind.  I have never used them so I do not know if they have liquid inside or not.


Here is is an article as to why some cordless curling irons are not allowed (butane).


But on their A-Z list of what to bring, I do not see curlers or rollers addressed under C, H or R.  Ultimately the TSA personnel have the right to prohibit things on the spot though so if you try to carry them on, you may want a bum a ride to airport so that person can wait in case you cannot take them on — they may give you the chance to take things to your car if parked also.


TSA has certain hours during which you can send them questions, but if travel time is soon, you may want to just have an alternative plan like plenty of time and a friend. Good luck and post again after traveling in case someone else has the same question.