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help me understand this

New Arrival

So my sutuation isnt at all different then others but im quirky  about things. So i have a medical condition that sometimes mr magoo has beeter vision and days/or brightness of the area im a 20/20 hound,ok not that good.

So i know about the medical preboarding with those that need extra assistance. Is it like other airlines where they are the first to board? And then everyone else goes. Im also a nervous flywr and this helps along with some nice legal drugs from the dr lol


Re: help me understand this

Top Contributor

Yes, if you tell the gate agent that you need to preboard, you will be allowed to do so, and you will be among the first people to board the plane.

Re: help me understand this

New Arrival

Legal drugs. Ahahahaha. I remembered a story that happened 2 years ago.