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help my samsung s4 is too old

New Arrival

I can no longer get the SWA app...the app is not compatitable with my phone. Are any other options other than getting a new phone. Woman Frustrated


Re: help my samsung s4 is too old

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Southwest must optimize their app to work with the latest mobile operating systems ("OS").

Unfortunately, if your Samsung S4 is no longer supported by the latest version of its OS, then you must buy a phone or tablet that is. That doesn't mean that you must buy the latest version of phone/tablet, however. You can purchase the oldest version that is still compatible with the current OS (but keep in mind that the older the device, the quicker that it too will be obsolete).


Re: help my samsung s4 is too old

Top Contributor

The best advice I can give you would be to use the mobile southwest site. Sure it may be a pain to log in every time but works just fine for checking points, booking tickets, or checking In and you can screen shot the mobile boarding pass as well should you want to use mobile boarding. 


If you don't don't like that option then unfortunately you would have to upgrade to a newer phone or get a cheap tablet as @rtbarron suggested.


hope this helps