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mistake on last name

New Arrival

my dad purchased our tickets and when I went on to confirm departure and arrival times I noticed he has me w/ my madin name?  What can I do to make this right so boarding wont me a nightmare?


Re: mistake on last name

Retired Community Manager

Hi @aeleetopeka


We can help you out with that! Just reach out to us via Twitter at @SouthwestAir or send us a private message through our Facebook page. 


mistake on surnames

New Arrival
  1. Hi, I have just bought the flight to Oakland from Los Angeles for me and my family. When I have written the names I have mistaken the middle name with my first surname because in Spain we have two surnames. So for example my name is Susana and my surnames are Martinez Golvano but I have written Martinez in middle name and Golvano in second name. So in the ticket put Golvano/Susana Martinez.
    Please, can you help me???. Could we fly without problems?? Could you change the tickets to the corrects names an surnames??