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plants on board?

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hi, first post here, so i'm not sure how to format this, but any advice would be nice and appreciated!


i just booked a flight from las vegas (LAS) to portland (PDX) in early may and i was wondering how the plants on board situation works for southwest. i know it's not really that important given our current covid situation, but the plants (two pothos, and a fern... that i could easily skim down to bringing just one pothos) are dear to me and i would like to know if they would have to be thrown out or anything after i get through TSA—and in that case, i would just not bring them with me. i could not find any information on whether southwest allows plants and the different restrictions they may have. i know that TSA allows them as carry on as long as they also go through security with me.


Re: plants on board?

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If TSA allows plants, so does Southwest.


Be sure you don't run afoul of the TSA rules on liquids.