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Re: "Opt-In" TSA Precheck service?

New Arrival

Mine didnt automatically work on SW at first, I called SW and we made sure everything in my address, middle initial, etc was precisely the same on my TSA Pre and my SW account.


Since then I've been pre every time.

Re: "Opt-In" TSA Precheck service?

Active Member

Unbeknownst to me, my Global Entry card had recently expired and therefore I did not receive Precheck on a 2 out of 4 flights last week.


I had pretty much forgotten what a major-league difference, and pain in the neck, going through the standard TSA line is like. I am more appreciative of Precheck than ever.


I applied for renewal and thankfully one of my credit cards is covering the $100 fee. It took about 4 business days and I was back in TSA Precheck action! I’ve now got a calendar reminder set for 4 years and 10 months from now, so I renew it ahead of time in 2023.