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Re: racism on Southwest airlines

Aviator C

Hmmm...blaming or even attributing this to SWA is like blaming Disneyland if you experience racism from the guy standing next to you in line for the Matterhorn.  They have no control over who buys a ticket, and little control over  bad attitudes on their premises. 


Associating them with said behavior and/or expecting them to police every microaggression isn't realistic.    You can't make laws against being an jerk.

Re: racism on Southwest airlines

Frequent Flyer A

Earlier this year, a "fabulous" African American male flight attendant announced that we should please keep the aisle clear while they were doing the beverage service because, "We will be coming done the aisle with 'hot chocolate', and by 'hot chocolate', I mean me." Such is the testimony to both the diversity and the humor of the Southwest flight crews.