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tight connection

Adventurer C

I have a tight connection (35 Minutes) at KCI (Kansas City) and if I miss it what happens? I usually fly with more time between flights or non stop.


Re: tight connection

Aviator A

35min should be enough time for a connection in Kansas City. Airlines won't sell a connection if you won't be able to make it. 


If you notice your first flight is late you can speak to a gate agent at the airport about alternative flight options. If you get to Kansas city and miss your connection (because of a flight delay) you will be booked on the next available flight. If the next flight is not till the next day you can inquire about a hotel and depending on why your first flight was late they might be able to get you a room at no cost to you. 


If your first flight is on time you should be good to go just bring a snack with you as you probably won't have time to eat in Kansas a city. 



Re: tight connection

Adventurer B

35 minutes? Ugh.....


Lots of factors obviously go into connecting might want to take a look at the historical delays from your arriving and connecting flights...


Are there additional flights in case you miss your connection? Are those flights at capacity/ sold out?


Secondly, are you the last flight out? If so, SWA seems to be more accommodating to connections at the end of the day (I know after having sat on flights delayed for 45+ minutes waiting for connecting passengers)


What gate do you land at and what gate is the departure for the connecting flight? Even If you land "on time" but by the time you disembark and then the time it takes you to get from one end of the airport to the other..even if you make it on time, welcome to your "Middle Seat"even though you are holding A-19!


Typically if you are "first flight out" in the morning, you will be OK..anything after that is a crapshoot


Wish you luck!