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Re: A List Preferred Free Internet

Frequent Flyer C

Even without A-List Preferred Status, I have been getting the "No Connection" prompt when trying to access wifi on the Entertainment Portal.

Re: A List Preferred Free Internet

Explorer C

Wi-Fi is Almost constantly unusable for me these days (free or not free-  believe it or not I actually paid for it once to see if it would be any better…. Nope).  

That leaves the companion pass as the only decent benefit on swa out of  denver.  

United has much better Wi-Fi, they serve alcohol again, and if you order a Diet Coke, you get the whole can 🙂 



Re: A List Preferred Free Internet

Aviator C

@ Anyone.  So your reference that getting the WIFI from the AList Preferred seems to be an issue and maybe not worth working the get the perk.  So is it different if you actually pay the 8 bucks for in-flight internet?  


I know I used it years ago when I was addicted to having to be online, but it's been at least 4 years since then, and haven't accessed it.  I ask so that I don't waste 8 bucks to access it now that I work remotely and just may have to be online.