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A big fat hairy audacious thank you!!!

New Arrival


I am sitting here at Love Field and my heart is in a vulnerable way, I flew in Sunday night to pick up my two college students in Fort Worth. I got them packed up their cars put on a transport and now we are on our way back home to orange county To be in our home safe as a family together.

How ever do I thank  each and everyone of you for your commitment and  dedication to serving others un selfishly? how do I thank you for leaving your homes to make sure that I get back to mine? How do I thank you for allowing my daughter to bring her beloved fish home? How do 
thank you for the peace and assurance you have given us?   Each and every associate and team member here at LOVE FIELD  has made sacrifices to get me and my babies home safe. How do I ever thank you?  I pray for each and every one of you to have a abundant blessings, I pray and thank your supportive families and I pray that everyone in this airport values and appreciates what you are sacrificing to get us home! 


Re: A big fat hairy audacious thank you!!!

Rising Star

Thanks for shedding light on the good during this rough time.