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A big thanks

New Arrival

I was on flight 1776 on Wednesday, May 30th and your airline crew returned something I thought gone. Amazing people. I want to send my love and gratitude for their dilligence and humanity in helping a poor soul. I hooe this fids its way to them.  Story follows.... (its kind of long) if worthy, feel free to use and share. 


Place: Denver
Time: Wednesday afternoon, 4 pm

These are the facts:

One Geoff Nelson, after spending a day at the warehouse re-labeling 6000 bottles of booze from The Sh!t to new brand Real Good (vodka company Mr. Nelson is part of) did arrive at the Denver airport sweaty and tired.

Mr. Nelson, after going through security decided to change into shorts and better smelling clothes in the bathroom as to not offend other passengers.

Mr. Nelson proceeded into stall number three in the men’s room at gate C32

He proceeded to put his backpack on the hook on the left side of the stall.

Realizing he is six foot four and has basically 6 square feet to execute the change, he proceeds with utmost caution. Upon glancing at the toilet (without a lid) and imagining the consequences he decides extrreme dilligence is called upon.

Mr. Nelson proceeds to carefully extract one airline ticket, one small blue fold-over wallet, two packs of blue packaged trident gum (same size and color of wallet) and his cellular device and place them in the side pocket of aforementioned backpack. Checking that the articles are secured, he proceeds with the change-over.

Upon completing the gyrations and contortions necessary to remove and replace clothing without causing alarm of a passenger having an epileptic fit in stall number three. Mr. Nelson hears a faint noise to his left.

The noise was coming from said backpack about to slip off of the three inch horizontal straight-peg attached to the stall wall.

Mr. Nelson, an alleged germaphobe, grabbed for said backpack in order that it not fall and hit a clearly questionable floor.

In doing so, all contents of the side pouch were dislodged.

Directly Into the toilet. Nothing but net.

Decisions were made.

Water, clear. Everything present and floating. Soap nearby. Timing calculated between grab, sink, and Purex immersion of everything completed.

Mr. Nelson went for the items, rescuing what he believed at the time to be everything and prioritized the drying of his phone to be the first order of business.

In a fit of anger, embarrassment and expediency, he turned to the left to shake off the soaked items. Seeing two small blue items he believed to be the packs of gum, he shoves them into the dispenser of paper toilet covers. Knowing it to be uncouth, but hey the clock was ticking on drying the phone, and he certainky wasnt going to enjoy their minty freshness in the future.

As he turned to execute the maneuver, contact with the infrared beam with the plumbing was broken and the automatic toilet flushed. Mr. Nelson witnessed a small blue rectangle he had missed go down the pipes.

Believing it was a pack of gum, he proceeded to rush to dry his cellular device under the air dryer.

Unnerved, he found his device to somehow be in working order and left the restroom for a much needed double gin and tonic.

Upon leaving the restroom he, checked his pockets to take inventory.
One cellular device, one pack of gum (into the trash), no wallet.

Reportedly, Mr. Nelson hung his head, realized the universe was against him and proceeded to meet his travel mate at the pub in the airport.

One Mr. Wiggins (the travel mate), upon hearing the story, proceeded to double over and almost pass out from lack of oxygen from uncontrolled laughter. Mockery ensued. Much mockery.

Our dejected Mr. Nelson proceeded with a most awkward call to Mrs. Nelson to relay the news and to start the cancellation of credit and debit cards. More laughter ensued. Not from Mr. Nelson.

Mr. Wiggins ventured to a very full pub and ordered much needed tonic as Mr. Nelson plodded back to the restroom in the hopes he had missed something.

Stall number three was now occupied by a traveler who apparently had fallen asleep as Mr. Nelson waited for 10 minutes for him to exit to no avail. As patrons came and went wondering why this dude was hanging out in the restroom. Questionable stares. Thankefully no offers.

Exasperated, Mr. Nelson drummed up his courage and knocked on the door. Awkwardly he asked the tenant if there might be something shoved into the paper dispenser to his right. After a silent pause, an "um no?" Was rendered. A silent explicative and sigh issued from Mr Nelson.

Twice dejected and now doldrums bound, Mr. Nelson proceeded to the bar where he was met with a rousing laughs and guffaws by what was likely most of the pub. Mr. Wiggins had apparently proceeded to tell the story to the patrons. Pain does indeed love company. But doesnt have to like it.

Mrs. Nelson in diligent fashion called four credit card companies to cancel and replace cards. These four calls took almost an hour and a half due to call centers having to put her on hold. The wait time was due to the phone operators having to catch their breath upon hearing the story and not laugh in a customers face. (Policy, section 4a paragraph 3)

Gin and tonics settled. The haze soothing the torment. Mr. Nelson boards the aircraft and takes his seat.

In typical fashion, despite his misery, Mr. Nelson helps other passengers load their luggage into overhead bins and takes his seat. Being tall has its pluses, minuses and responsibilities.

The flight had been delayed and all were in a hurry. The aircrew begins to close up the plane and suddenly they cease all motion
A ground crew member enters breathlessly into the plane and grabs the intercom
“Is there a Geoffrey Nelson onboard?"

Mr. Nelson hangs his head, thinks “now what?” and timidly raises his arm.

Ground crew member approaches Mr. Nelson
“Looking for this?” Ground crew member approaches Mr. Nelson and presents him with a small blue rectangle.

Mr. Nelson’s wallet.

Joy, relief, gratitude!

But Mr. Nelson quickly realizes that all his access to funds are denied due to his wife’s diligence, and he must pay for parking at ABF to get his truck. One step forward, two steps back.

Mr. Wiggins, luckily and with great sympathy (while still smirking) loaned Mr. Nelson funds to free his vehicle.

Final entry: Mr. Nelson firmly believes the universe is still out to get him. But belief in humanity, restored. Steadfast belief that Karma works. Extreme gratitude to all the staff at SWA for their quick actions. Expectation that somewhere this story is trending on twitter based on the call center’s love of my misery.


Re: A big thanks

Top Contributor

Great story. Thanks for taking the extensive amount of time it must have taken to write it.


Oh, I change in to / out of ski clothes in the Silverthorne, Co. library mens room. My proticol is to put an item of clothing on the floor, and then deposit loose items on to that piece of clothing. I'm afraid of dumping items into the toilet, too.

Re: A big thanks

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@Gnelson wrote:

One Geoff Nelson, after spending a day at the warehouse re-labeling 6000 bottles of booze from The Sh!t to new brand Real Good (vodka company Mr. Nelson is part of) did arrive at the Denver airport sweaty and tired.


Great story, your attention to detail is very good other than the part where you left the item in the toilet cover container Smiley LOL


On the strength of your write-up I'll be sure to check out your brand when I see it. I'm not going through much vodka though - will you be producing anything else? 




Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.

Re: A big thanks

New Arrival

Thanks for the reply! We are only in Texas right now. We are purchased a gin brand , Genius gin and are loom ing at a So Tal. Mescsal Tequila. Be well!