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A list preferred denied water

Explorer C

I’m currently on a flight from CUN to HOU, and my 6’4 husband was denied a whole can of beverage. I’m sorry, but 4 ounces does not cut it. I was not allowed a coffee and a water. I had to choose. I need to take my medicine and that’s hard to do with coffee. I would not mind paying for my beverages, I’m just sick of being treated worse than anywhere else on southwest flights, when I fly 4x weekly and could fly another airline and not receive this treatment. I have refused a beverage on my last 3 flights. This time I would like a water and a coffee and have been denied. There has to be a way to stop this. I enjoy companion pass and no change fees, but being denied beverages on multiple occasions is causing me to reconsider switching to an airline that doesn’t allow flight attendants to devalue its patrons, especially those with status. 


Re: A list preferred denied water

Aviator A

This doesn’t sound like a SW experience I have ever had or heard of. Was the flight especially short where they were trying to do service quickly? 


Either way, since this is a customer community, you might want to share your experience directly with SW via their Twitter team or the contacts us link below. 

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: A list preferred denied water

Aviator A

If you are anticipating the need to take medicine that requires water I would strongly suggest you bring your own water bottle on board.  You never know when a flight (on any airline) will be too bumpy for the flight crew to complete a beverage service.  Even if the pilots hear of turbulence in the area they may not let the crew provide a beverage service.  Thankfully most airports have bottle filling stations now so you don't even have to pay the astronomical prices for a bottle of water that is often charged by airport shops.



Re: A list preferred denied water

Aviator A

I fly a lot, too - maybe 30-35 flights a year and the only times i have been denied service were those times that turbulence was present or expected to be present.


I ask for more of my beverage, and more pretzels  almost every flight and my requests have never been denied (although admittedly I have run into a grumpy flight attendants who gave me "that look" after I asked for more.


Not sure what has been happening to you, but, by my experiences, what you've experienced is not the norm.

Re: A list preferred denied water

Adventurer A

One trick I have found to always be successful is to say thank you often, audibly and sincerely.  In my early travels I would always try to get free mixed drinks by being especially nice.  My success rate was over 80%.  Today I have more coupons than I can use.  On a full flight of 143 passengers, I have observed that 80% are ambivalent regarding the floght crew, 10% are in a bad mood or just plain mean and 10% or less are appreciative and show it to the crew.  Calling them by name, saying thank you every chance you get and acknowledging they have a tough customer base will in my estimation yield more water than you could drink from Cancun to Houston.  Happy flying everyone. It works!