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Explorer C

So I never am one to complain about service, because I understand everyone has their bad days. I have traveled my whole life all around the world and frequently use @southwest along with my business partner. But our fight today #2426 Houston Hobby to Orlando all three of our flight attendants have been nothing but rude to me and my business partner. First, I kindly asked as we sat at the gate if the air was going to come on soon because it was upwards of 85⁰ in the plane. I got a very snippy comment of "the airs on its the best we can do". Ok I can deal with that. As the flight goes on I had carried a bottle water on because my medication makes my mouth dry. So I had my mask pulled down to finish the water, she quickly ran up to my seat yelling that I wasn't wearing my mask, which I am respectful of the covid rules and don't mind wearing my mask. As I explained to her that I was just finishing my water bottle she rolled her eyes and said "just wear your mask" but in a very snarky tone if voice. So then the snack and beverage service she intentionally skipped my business partner and I's row and went on the rest of plane. As she came back I kindly let her know that we didn't receive water and snacks. So once again eye roll, snarky voice and stormed to the back of the plane and came back tossed the snacks at us and then gave both of us half full waters. I said thank you and kept to myself but after these events I decided to buy the wifi service so I could write Southwest about how horrible this service was. I will still fly southwest but...SOUTHWEST YOU NEED TO ADDRESS THIS. Completely unprofessional and just flat rude.



Aviator A

Since this is a customer to customer forum I suggest that you contact Southwest Customer Relations to discuss your experience. 


Contact Customer Relations




Aviator A

adding  to what TheMddeSeat said, include the names of the offending employees to your complaint, also include flight number, day of travel, and departure and destination cities wth a description o f the employees,


Sorry you ran into the situation. Normally Southwest's flight attendants are courteous, but every once in a while .....



Aviator C

And how many times have you posted about the great service one of the Flight Attendants gave you?  I'm on your side, we are the "valuable people" of the industry.  Looking at this constructively, you did have your own water....  Personally, I've seen people on flights "MILK" the water and snack mask down opportunity.  It once took an older gentleman an entire flight from Tucson to Las Vegas to drink his brought on drink.  I'm just saying.  But you've been given good advice, names, flight info and so on, because, yes, sometimes there is just somebody who is not being nice in all industries.  


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Put yourself in her shoes for a second.  Do you think perhaps she's dealing with hundreds of passengers a DAY who are all frustrated with wearing masks?  Do you think  she enjoys being the enforcer of the draconian rules we're living under?  I suspect not. 


I actually had an FA on one flight say "When we ask you to keep your mask on, just please do it.  Don't roll your agreed to the terms when you bought your ticket".  Typical SWA snark.


The difference between that, and your interpretation of your encounter is pretty slight in my opinion.  Something I would brush off with some empathy, not pay $8 to sign up for a forum to rant about being "mistreated".


You can't control other people's demeanor, you can only control your response to it.  Try not to get so bent over the minor things, especially when we're all dealing with this BS together.


A deep breath is cheaper than $8.


(PS...are you sure it was all THREE attendants?  You only mention one.  And I don't think I've ever interacted with all three on a flight..  Just trying to clarify for  a friend. 🙂 )