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Alist status for free wifi not working

New Arrival

Alist member here.  I am on my second set of flights this week.  I've been flying throughout this year but I am now experiencing problems with the free wifi. 


When I go to "purchase" wifi for free on the flight using my Alist status, it kicks me out repeatedly asking me to pay the $8 fee.  I finally relented on the last trip, assuming it was a fluke.  I'm currently on my second trip this week and it is still happening.  No free wifi despite Alist status.


I have seen others around me with the same frustration.  What is going on and how do I get reimbursed for these $8 charges?



Re: Alist status for free wifi not working

Top Contributor

1) A-List does not earn free wifi. A List preferred does,


If you are preferred, you can ask for a refund here:





Re: Alist status for free wifi not working

Rising Star

And if you are A List Preferred, you will find that overall WiFi reliability isn’t great. It’s an unfortunate truth with SW. Great benefit, when it works. 

-A List Preferred, Companion Pass holder, Community Champion.

Re: Alist status for free wifi not working

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That is sad to know.  I'm going to get my first A-List preferred, and my drive to do so was for the free wifi.   Maybe I won't make that a priority in the future.  I'm so close now, might as well get it this time around. 

Re: Alist status for free wifi not working

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IMHO, the reason to strive for A-List Preferred is the 100% points earning bonus. At $8/day (less with the credit card discount), and with sometimes iffy performance, the wifi isn't a major perk.