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Amazing Flight Attendents!

Explorer C

Needs to be called out when folks go above and beyond. 


I hoped on my flight from MCI to BWI #4849 on 2/8/20


Instantly I recognized the flight attendants from a flight I had taken a few short weeks before.  What they did on the earlier flight left such an impression on me.  I sadly only had on Kicking tail coupon so I was thrilled on 2/8/20 to run into the same crew with a second coupon on me.  Here is what they did on the east coast flight.


A man who had to be brought on the plane but a large man and literally lifted into his seat was clearly old and VERY sickly.  I remember thinking why is this poor man even traveling.  His wife can on slowly a few minutes later and they were seated 2 rows in front of me across the isle.  I had a clear view of the man as he was in the isle seat as was a just behind and opposite side of plane.


During flight the man needed to use the rest room.  The wife fumbled around trying to help this man but she was way too frail, aging, and small to truly help. The two flight attendant, the one who had the front of the plane (Chad) and the one who had the middle (Alex), both stepped in and helped.  They literately helped the man get into the bathroom, wiped him, put his clothes back on him and re-seat him.  This entire process took not less than 15 minutes probably close to 20-25. 


They stayed tuned into the other passengers on that flight.  Keep amazingly great attitudes.  Allowed this man his total dignity. Smiled through the entire service.


I was proud to be an A-List Preferred (with a companion) flyer on Southwest.  These two are the heart of SWA 100%.


So on the MCI to BWI on the 2/8/20 flight when I saw them again I was happy to share my thoughts to them of their actions, attitudes and rockstar assistance they gave this man in his time of needing help. 


Thank you Chad and Alex for showing me love still lives in the air with SWA!

Betsy Craig

RR Number in my profile.




Re: Amazing Flight Attendents!

Aviator A

So glad to hear that Chad and Alex went above and beyond on your recent flights. Being that this is primarily a customer to customer forum I recommend sending your kudos to southwest directly through Twitter or Facebook that way they can pass on the kudos to Chad and Alex as well as their supervisors.