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An Interesting Surprise

New Arrival

Well, once again I finish a family trip and start heading back home in the NorthEastern part of the country. Once we got to our gate, after slurping down an ice Starbucks coffee (which, surprisingly didn't taste that bad, considering I had no idea how to order shots) and settled down, being given a nice view of many planes from many different airlines including Southwest, departing off of the Dallas Love Field airport. Everything was just smooth that day. Once the gate agent announced that the aircraft was ready for the boarding process (and lucky me, I got the honor to be in the ever so popular A group) we got our carry-ons, as well as my coffee, and boarded the aircraft once I scanned my ticket.  Now, once reaching the aircraft (basically the gap that separates the jetway from the aircraft itself) I noticed that it wasn't the new livery that I was hoping to get, knowing that my destination was a good distance away. However, I noticed that the aircraft exterior ever so sparkled with wax. Intrigued, I noticed the "complimentary Wifi" sign just outside the door, surprisingly when I entered the aircraft, expecting the regular old casual old interior, I was introduced to a rather polished, upgraded version of the old interior, as if it was retrofitted with new technology, as my mind didn't recognise the rather stunning interior, seeing the FA panel (something I assumed the flight attendants used for lighting) I saw the rather stunning ceiling where I could see a wide and long strip of light illuminate the area. I was greatly surprised by this, but that's not all. Once I got seated (even better since I got a window seat, in the 7th row) I quickly got settled, and before I knew it, it was time to depart. Expecting the regular old casual safety talk most flight attendants use, my expectations for Southwest were once again shattered when I heard the ever so popular Opening Theme of Star Wars blast throughout the cabin, surprising me and the others around me. The theme played on for a good 20 seconds before they cut it off, and soon the ever so sarcastic funny flight attendants prepared a rather smooth and relaxing evening of good experience. When the sun finally set, the illuminated lights turned from an evening orange to a nighttime peaceful blue. If it weren't for my iced coffee, I would've drifted off to sleep. Eventually, we landed at our destination airport, where I gave excellent thanks to our cabin crew members and pilots (who were probably surprised by that Star Wars stunt pulled). Overal, it was a rather unexpected, and enjoyable flight, as we "blasted off and took the skies" with the reassurance that we were in good hands. I would really like to give special thanks to the crew who planned this thing out, and the ever so growing airline that is Southwest Airlines, for standing out and refusing to be just ordinary, and giving us passengers an experience to remember. This happened the evening of 9/25/17 and this flight was a flight like no other. Thank You. ❤️