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Any tips for the long night flight to Hawaii

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I still can’t believe we are heading to Hawaii. Thanks SW for making this something I can fit in my budget. This will be the longest flight I’ve ever taken. Any tips for me?


Re: Any tips for the long night flight to Hawaii

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I did that long flight back in March when SW first started service to Hawaii. 


Here are some tips to make the long flight more enjoyable:


1. Eat before the flight or bring on a meal. They have a snack pack but on the 5 hour or so flight you may want something more than the pretzels, tic tacs and other couple things that came with it.  no one likes flying on an empty stomach. 


2. Have your electronics fully charged when you board as Southwest doesn't have a way to charge your devices onboard. You might consider purchasing a portable charger before heading to the airport if you don't have one so you can recharge if necessary on board. 


3. Feel free to take advantage of the free personal device entertainment options which currently include free live TV, free music, free movies, and free texting. You can buy internet access for $8 and it is valid all day (includes connecting flights). *Don't forget your headphones* *make sure you have the Southwest app on your phone before boarding for movies*


4. 24 hours before your flight be sure to check in on or the mobile app for the best boarding position so you can get the seat you like best as it is open seating once on board the aircraft (no assigned seats) if you purchased Early bird check in no need to check in right at the 24 hour mark you can check in when it's convenient for you.


You will be on the 800 aircraft which I find very comfortable and it has some nice leg room so enjoy!


Enjoy your trip!


Re: Any tips for the long night flight to Hawaii

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Adding to what Blake said, you might ant to get up and walk from the front of the plane to the back or back to front - every 2 hours or so. Moving your feet  in an exercising motion would do the same.


Why? Because Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT -- blood clots) have been known to occur in a small number of people who don't do such things on long flights..

Re: Any tips for the long night flight to Hawaii

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Put on headphones or ear plugs and sleep, it definitely helps the time fly by and you'll be ready to explore Hawaii once you land. It may also help you reset your internal clock to the time difference as you "wake up" on the plane at the earlier Hawaii time.


Have a great trip!