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Atrocious Internet Connections

New Arrival

I fly multiple airlines constantly.  Why is the internet experience on Southwest so bad?  It’s been like this for years now.  I understand that I am not allowed to stream HD Netflix movies, but I can’t even surf the Internet at a decent speed.  Every flight there is seemingly spotty and interrupted internet service.  Instead of some blanket statement about how “We are always improving our online capability.”...why doesn’t southwest invest in some better hardware equipment?  This is purely a hardware issue and not a software issue.  This CAN BE correct by investing properly by Southwest.  I am unsure how much longer I can travel with Southwest given this terrible connectivity. It’s the year 2020.  Get with it Southwest!


Re: Atrocious Internet Connections

Top Contributor

Your not alone with the WiFi frustration. I personally have noticed some better luck with at least getting on the web compared to 2018 where it felt like the WiFi was always down sure the speeds are slow but better some connectivity than none in my opinion. 


The best bet for now is if you buy the Internet and it doesn’t work reach out to Southwest on Twitter so they can document it and hopefully we will see some changes down the road. 




Re: Atrocious Internet Connections

Rising Star

IMO, while I am sure this is an area that can be improved upon, one's wi-fi capabilities on a flight that averages a couple of hours is the least of my concerns when it comes to picking and choosing an airline.