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Awesome Crew!

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On September 21 2019 SWA crew on flight 2807 that originated in FLL from New Orleans to Baltimore had the entire plane sing happy birthday to me.  They were told about my birthday by a coworker and was completely surprised.   They dimmed the lights in the cabin and had everyone turn their overhead light on.   As I blew out my candles passengers shut off their overhead light.   This shows a dedicated crew that truly love their job.  A perfect reason why I LUV SWA.  


Re: Awesome Crew!

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Great story!! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Awesome Crew!

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@Millerjoe1982 Thanks for sharing! If you would like to share your feedback with SW directly (this is a customer community), please use the Contact Us link below so that your feedback and recognition can get to the right ears!


And happy late birthday!


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