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Basilio Bitsiaras (sp?) was the rudest flight attendant I have had in 30+ years of flying with SWA

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Sorry if spelling was incorrect, it was not clearly visible on our 2+ hour flight. 


SWA flight 2910

Service from DEN to BNA (2DDWKO)


I want to start by saying we sat on runway for at least :30 prior to take off. I don’t have a problem with this. We fly often and expect delays. On this particular flight, however, my daughter was not feeling and she is a very adverse to flying. She gets highly anxious and sick. When we boarded she was doing well, but really needed to use the restroom as we didn’t expect the runway delay. She pressed the flight attendant call button to see if she had time to run to the bathroom. The flight attendant came on the speaker and said “whoever has pressed their call button, if it’s not an emergency, then turn it off” — well, she was embarrassed and turned it off. It wasn’t an emergency until it became more of an emergency.


She waited very patiently until she saw the flight attendants preparing for drink and snack service and got up quickly to use the restroom. When she came back down the aisle (we were in row 6) she was behind the flight attendant and the man sitting in the aisle was nice enough to tell the flight attendant that she was sitting in our row and was right behind him (implying she might want a drink) — the flight attendant very rudely and loudly said “well, she shouldn’t be up anyway, so she can wait.” He never offered her a drink. He never came back. He never asked how she was doing.


I found him incredibly obnoxious, loud and lacked the personality and charisma (and caring attitude) of the flight attendants we have come to know and love at Southwest Airlines. We fly no other airlines unless we are flying internationally and I have been a rapid rewards member for decades. I was so disappointed (borderline angry) at his asinine behavior and my daughter was really embarrassed and upset.


The flight attendant was Basilio Bitsiaras


In addition he just took the snack bags and had guests pass them around themselves which was odd and I never say that before and really didn’t consider that the type of service we have come to expect flying with Southwest. In addition, I ordered a drink cocktail that he brought to me in his pocket (gross) — unsanitary and unprofessional. 


I must say….over the 30+ years I have been flying with Southwest, I have never been compelled to log a formal complaint, but his behavior was just rude and unnecessary. I have given many high compliments to staff at SWA, but I just couldn’t let this one slide. If I am ever on a flight with Mr. Bitsiaras again, I will be compelled to literally exit the aircraft. 


Happy Birthday, SWA —unfortunately it wasn’t a pleasant celebration for our family. 


Re: Basilio Bitsiaras (sp?) was the rudest flight attendant I have had in 30+ years of flying with S

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Sorry to hear that you had issues on your flight.


SInce this is a customer to customer forum, SW will not hear your complaint here. If you want to complain directly to SW, click on "contact us" below and follow the prompts.


May your future trips turn out better.

Re: Basilio Bitsiaras (sp?) was the rudest flight attendant I have had in 30+ years of flying with S

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Re: Basilio Bitsiaras (sp?) was the rudest flight attendant I have had in 30+ years of flying with S

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Sorry to hear of your experience

As this is a customer to customer forum I would recommend editing your post to remove your confirmation number as we will not be able to assist here as we are just customers like yourself


did your daughter push the button to ask for a drink later?


also, the chances of you having the same flight attendant again are slim to none unless you fly a bunch


as already suggested you can submit your complaint to Southwest directly using the contact us link that way they can document your complaint.