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Belated Thank You

New Arrival

This note is entitled belated thank you because I finally found the card with the airline attendants card in a jacket I was wearing in February.  I wanted to belatedly commend and thank the airline attendant (Tolando) on my Flight 623 from Midway to Las Vegas.  While she had no idea, I had just learned by close friend and Fraternity Brother had been killed in a car accident prior to boarding my flight in Washington DC.

The trip to Vegas was to celebrate my wife's birthday.  Now, I was faced with a long flight after the news.  Tolando was attentive, funny, kept checking on us and even sang happy  birthday to my my over the pa system.  Tolando and the woman that sat next to me kept me engaged and helped me get through the flight...neither knew the tragedy I had just experienced.  Her professionalism and attention to me and the rest of the passengers represented the best that Southwest Airlines has to offer.  Please thank her again for me.  She is definitely an asset and great ambassador for your organization.


Re: Belated Thank You

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear of your loss. It must have been a very long flight.


The best way to let the airline know about Tolando would be to let the airline know about it directly. That is not happening here as this is a customer to customer forum. You can notify the airline via the link below. Be sure to include date of travel, flight number, and departure and destination cities in your communication.


Hope you are now doing better.