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Best Flight & Attendants Ever

New Arrival

I was on flight #478 from LAX to AUS last night, and it turned out to be my favorite Southwest flight yet. I was sitting in the front right row, and our flight attendant “Matt” was hilarious and made the whole trip quite entertaining. Take off, air time, and landing was so smooth. I’d love to thank “Matt” and the pilots personally if that’s possible! You guys are great 🙂 


Re: Best Flight & Attendants Ever

Rising Star

Love to hear this!!


Since this is a customer community, I shared your post with the Southwest Twitter team to ensure the right folks at Southwest hear your feedback. They confirmed that they would pass on the kudos for you!


Thanks for sharing!!!

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Re: Best Flight & Attendants Ever

Retired Community Manager

Thanks @elijahbrantley for using your expertise to make sure this fellow Employee is given the nod he deserves!