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Business Select drink vouchers

Explorer C

Here is an update to an old post.  Mine is slightly different in nature, therefore I've started a new thread.  I will preface you with the fact I've lost count on how many times this has happened to me, which means lots.


What can be done about having a "drink coupon" for each connecting flight for,that flight only, and service was discontinued, or not started at all due to turbulence?   Once you land that voucher is now useless.   Yes, I had the luck of my connecting flight not getting service due to the same issue on the same day, so on this trip, I actually had two useless drink vouchers/coupons.  


Now I would agree, we are talking about something very minimal in value, and I would agree.  But maybe have an option for an extended voucher on another flight you would get from the ticket counter as you exit.  I'm assuming they would know there was no service with the quick call of the phone.  


Now in the case of not wanting an alcohol drink, the option of requesting a "sealed" beverage to take with you or to consume on the plane in addition to your normal drink? 


Or as has been suggested, access to wifi in trade for the drink voucher.   This is the one I would actually prefer.  


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to suggest and put my thoughts out there.  


Re: Business Select drink vouchers

Aviator A

You have an interesting suggestion. However since this is a customer to customer forum, there is no guarantee that Southwest will see it. I would suggest sending your suggestion directly to the airline. Here's how:


Also, we need to first get any sort of drink service started first. It's just water now.



Business Select drink vouchers

Aviator C

@elwishsix @LewisMiles 


Yes, the suggestion of "Internet" for the beverage was mentioned on the last thread of this topic.  Still a great idea.