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Carry On Bag Taken From Airline Today

Explorer C

My husband was on flight 1236 from San Jose, CA to St Louis. He changed planes in St. Louis for DCA. While deplaning in St. Louis, he discovered someone took his roller bag while on the plane. This bag contains a sleep apnea device, important medications, either his entire suit or part of a suit, plus golf shirts, shorts, dress pants, and materials from his employer, Army Emergency Relief. I filed a lost item report online and have a report ID. At the same time, I called customer service and they said this was more than just a lost item. He is in transit now back to DC. It sounds like he placed his bag in one place based on room and sat in another section of the plane. It was also suggested that he check in with the customer service baggage office at DCA, not sure if that will be open when he lands. Please help us. Thanks! - Jennifer 


Re: Carry On Bag Taken From Airline Today

Aviator A

Ugh, that sounds terrible.  Get in touch directly with Southwest using one of the options listed in the "Contact Us" link, Twitter reportedly gets the fastest response time.  Most of us here in the forums are customers too.

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Re: Carry On Bag Taken From Airline Today

Frequent Flyer A

That does sound terrible and very unexpected.  I used to travel 2-3 times a week and often sat in another section of the plane from my bag, and I never had that happen or saw it happen.  Hopefully he had a tag with a phone number on it? because maybe it was a mistake and the person will call.  I certainly hope he gets it back, especially with medication inside.  Many insurance companies won’t allow refills if the prescription has been filled within 30 days, and finding the one person at an insurance company who will listen and can act upon the incident to allow an unplanned refill could be tough.  

Re: Carry On Bag Taken From Airline Today

Explorer C

Good luck. I have been getting the run around from SW re: my lost luggage and they are taking no responsibility. I am SO mad. 

Re: Carry On Bag Taken From Airline Today

Aviator C

Everybody can jump on me, I'm ready for it,  BUT, I've always felt that so many of the issues I see on this forum could be sorted out and solved if Airlines had cameras on their planes.   I know I'm in the minority.