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Cell Phone use in flight

New Arrival

When in flight are we able to use our cell phones to text messages?


Re: Cell Phone use in flight

Retired Community Manager

Hi @jhalt

You can begin using your mobile and electronic devices when the airplane reaches 10,000 feet. The Flight Attendants will make an announcement to let you know when it's Safe to begin using your devices as well. 


Re: Cell Phone use in flight

Active Member

Regarding take-off and taxi, when the forward door is closed, the phone should be in airplane mode.  However, if you have purchased the wifi option, you can text with your cell phone at any time, even before the 10,000 foot announcement. 


Regarding the landing, I understood that once wheels are on the tarmac, you can switch out of airplane mode and text if you did not use the wifi option, but you might want to ask a Southwest flight attendant during the flight just to be confirm.