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Cold Flight and Crew No Help

Explorer C

On 4/24 I took the 5:05p flight home from HOU to LAS and had to ask more than 3 times to warm up the cabin. It was so cold and there were numerous folks cold on the flight. The cabin never got warm, it was a pretty crappy flight when the a/c is cold. As a former flight attendant and now a health care provider that has to travel a lot, I understand why my patients get sick. I was so angry, I got off the flight and told the poor gate agent I was going to cut up my SWA credit card and go back to American or Delta. I have friends that fly SWA and try to be loyal but it's hard when you are uncomfortable for >2 hours.

Anyone else have a similar experience?

Do you have to bring a winter jacket on all flights even in the heat of summer?

I really don't want to leave but am now looking at other fares since I have had such a crappy flight crew.


Re: Cold Flight and Crew No Help

Aviator A

Sorry your recent flight was cold.


if you would like to discuss this flight with southwest you can reach out to them in a DM on Twitter or you could call customer relations at 855-234-4654 (wait times could be long though) or lastly you can email them by clicking on the contact us link on the bottom of the southwest home page.


hope your next flight is more temperature appropriate 


Re: Cold Flight and Crew No Help

Explorer B

I have found just the opposite. Over the past few years, regardless of the season, SWA flights have been entirely too warm. If you are flying, please bring a sweater or jacket. It is much easier for one who is cold to put on another layer than for one who is too warm to take their skin off. 

I’ve flown professionally for most of my USAF career, and am constantly amazed by the number of passengers who dress for a flight as casually as if they are going to visit in their living room. While flying is much safer than traveling by car there is still the possibility of being required to exit the aircraft under emergency conditions into the elements (i.e. sturdy shoes and somewhat protected from the weather).  

Re: Cold Flight and Crew No Help

Explorer C

Were you in the exit rows? Those tend to be much colder than the rest of the airplane.