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Contacting southwest from mobile device

New Arrival

I’m in the air and I’m trying to email customer service from my mobile device about an issue I had.   It appears impossible to do this from a mobile device. When I got to the full site and click “contact” it automatically routes me back to the mobile site and I have no option to email or complete an email form.  Any thoughts.  


Feeling annoyed. 


Re: Contacting southwest from mobile device

Top Contributor

True, the contact options from the app are limited to "call, tweet and Facebook", and if you select "visit" and then "contact us" you're just redirected back to the mobile site, where the email form isn't an option. If you're on Android (not sure about iPhone): From the mobile "contact us" page you can "force" a desktop page to load -- just select the three dots "more options" menu in the upper right corner of your screen, then choose the checkbox next to "desktop site."


That said, it's pretty difficult to complete the form on a small phone screen, so your best bet might be to wait until travel is complete to use that contact option.