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Re: Cranky Flight Attendants

Aviator A

@Btea wrote:

 FA's are just waiters or waitresses in the sky. 

Ugh, this is so incredibly wrong. A flight crew's number one jobs is ensuring the safety of passengers, not ensuring your beverage is served properly. There's a reason the FAA mandates a certain number of flight attendants are on board and it is not to ensure that drink service is prompt. They "complain" about your purse because it can be a safety hazard not only to you but to others who may need to evacuate the plane in an emergency.



Re: Cranky Flight Attendants

Explorer B

SWA's FA are not consistent in their practices. This is a management problem. No amount of excuses will make their issues go away until they are properly trained. Covid has allowed many people to get lazy in their work ethics. It may be time to do a "training tone up".

Re: Cranky Flight Attendants

Frequent Flyer A

I've flown 32 times so far this year, and the FA's have been consistently friendly as always. There was once or twice when there wasn't a service, and there probably should have been, but that happened occasionally before as well. If you think Southwest flight attendants aren't friendly enough, then you are going to have to fly a Middle Eastern airline like Emirates (I work for a Saudi company so I do a lot). Even then, they aren't more friendly. They are just very polite while being professional.