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Crazy Flight Attendant Fiasco from a Big Fan of Southwest Airlines

Explorer C

Hello, I am a frequent Southwest flyer (was A-list Preferred until this year), and fly Southwest exclusively for all business and personal travel. I have reached over 100,000 points for the last five years and I am a HUGE Southwest fan. I've never had an issue with a flight attendant nor have I ever formally complained about anyone before but I have formally complimented the amazing and hardworking flight attendants who are kind, compassionate, funny, and wonderful. 


I understand there are staffing shortages, but I experienced an in-flight issue yesterday that I have never, in all of the hundreds of flights I've had with Southwest, experienced before.


I was on a flight from Kauai to Las Vegas. I had just boarded the aircraft and after getting situated, headed to the back of the plane to quickly use the restroom in the back. There was a flight attendant standing towards the back, and when I got up to use the restroom, he looked at me like I shouldn't get up, so I asked him if it was okay for me to proceed.

He absolutely lost it. He was suddenly furious and asked me why I would even ask him that, and I said because he had looked like he didn't want me to get up, and he then shouted (in front of other customers), "Are YOU okay!?" I said yes, I was fine, and he said "Are you SURE? Maybe YOU'RE the one who is not okay!" Then he asked passengers around him, "What was THAT about? What's her problem?"


As if that wasn't enough, when I got out of the bathroom, he was right outside the door and prevented me from going down the aisle, continuing with his temper tantrum. He was going on about how it was a six hour flight and he will not tolerate any kind of bad behavior; he then threatened to kick me off the flight (unbelievable) and asked me once more, "Are YOU okay?"


I did not take the bait and just said "Yes," clearly, and then looked at his nametag, at which point he said, "Yeah, my name is DARRYL," and I turned and walked back to my seat before he could continue to rage on. 


Let me say that I am a very unintimidating 32 year old woman at 5'4 inches, and he was waiting outside the bathroom to yell at me. He is scary, has a temper tantrum that will easily rear its head again, and he is truly a huge liability for Southwest Airlines and its incredible brand. 


I have flown enough to know this man must be a new flight attendant...there is no way any one with that personality would make it very long with an airlines like Southwest. If I wasn't so afraid he was going to kick me off the flight, I would have told him he was making me very scared and uncomfortable. Please let me know what action will be taken with Darryl to prevent him from treating others this way - it was way beyond what is within the norm for Southwest. Thanks so much


Re: Crazy Flight Attendant Fiasco from a Big Fan of Southwest Airlines

Aviator A

We’re they closing the door to push back from the gate when you went to the bathroom I know to some FAs it is annoying that this causes a delay while folks go to the bathroom because they can’t close the door if folks are moving around the cabin. now if they were still boarding I don’t see a reason why it would be an issue to use the bathroom but sometimes folks have bad days 


your welcome to share your feedback with Southwest directly by clicking contact us at the bottom of this page that way they can document this situation for review.