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Damaged luggage

Explorer C

On January 9 I left Jacksonville Florida headed to to San Diego California. When I went to claim my baggage one of my brand new bags was busted open. If this is how Southwest airlines is gonna treat peoples property I rather fly with someone else. There was no reimbursement or nothing. 


Re: Damaged luggage

Aviator A



Sorry to hear your bag was damaged on your flight. 


Did you file a damaged bag report at the baggage service office when you discovered your bag was busted open? If not I recommend doing that asap as you have 4 hours from the flights arrival to file the report. 


If you filed the report there is a link on the paper they gave you to communicate with Southwest I recommend going to that site and you can send southwest a message with an attachment of receipts of damaged items you would like them to consider for reimbursement. I would also include pictures of the damage. They will respond within 30 days but it's usually much faster.