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Explorer C

I just want to say how AMAZING Southwest Airlines treated my daughter and I yesterday August 14. We were on a vacation in Colorado and had to return to San Antonio yesterday due to a death in the family. Not sure why,  but across the country flights were being delayed and or cancelled.  Y’all not only changed our tickets last minute without charging us, but when it was pretty obvious we weren’t going to make our Dallas connection you rerouted us through Denver. We made it to San Antonio last night just minutes after our original flight was due in. We have flown on many airlines and I have never been treated as well as Southwest treated us yesterday. From the girls at the ticket counter to the flight attendants on flight 1370, everyone was amazing. Thanks so much for getting us home. Sincerely, Heather and Elizabeth Brethauer 


Re: Death

Aviator A

It would be great to submit the kudos directly to Southwest.

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Re: Death

Aviator A

I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened this post but I am glad it was a positive experience!!