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Deplaning Mid-Flight

New Arrival

I flew to Seattle to pick up my 8 week old border collie puppy, Skye.  I had bought her a "Mama's heartbeat stuffed toy so she would sleep on the plane, which she did very well.  Everyone around me wanted to see her and was fussing over her.  I kept her in the crate as instructed and did not break the rules though. However Skye kept wiggling her nose to get the zipper open a tiny bit to get her nose out.  Mid flight, I was talking and hadn't noticed that she had slipped the zipper open again, with her nose sticking out.  A flight attendant who had an "I'm getting my wings" button on came by and told me (mid-flight) that if I didn't zip the carrier completely up and get her nose back in the carrier that I would have to deplane.  Everyone around me errupted in laughter.  We did not have to deplane...I never saw the person who was "Getting her wings" again.23831_1283369297391_959794_n.jpg