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Direct Flights from Florda to the Caribbean

Explorer C

I have been taking direct flights from Florida to the Caribbean with Southwest for years. We have a trip booked to Punta Cana for 2021 and don't see any direct flights from any of Florida's major airports. Is this COVID related or have all direct flights to the Caribbean from Florida been stopped indefinitely? Thanks


Re: Direct Flights from Florda to the Caribbean

Aviator A

Current and future status depends on the destination.  You can see which destinations are open now and which will be re-opening next year here:


It looks like all flights to PUJ are currently routing through BWI.  Use the low fare calendar and search from your departure airport to PUJ to see which days have service.



Re: Direct Flights from Florda to the Caribbean

Aviator C

The answer is yes to both.  


But it's based on individual flight demand, which is also based on Covid restrictions.


FLL to SJU is available and cheap.  Their current restrictions are similar to Hawaii, but I'm not going until April, so hopefully it'll be sorted out by then.