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Direct flight Hartford, ct to Ft Lauderdale, fl

New Arrival

I am in disbelief that southwest has discontinued direct flights to and from bdl to fll.  I use this flight several times a year along with my family. Why would you get rid of that?   I will now be flying JetBlue since they offer this flight. Our family were faithful Southwest passengers and have noticed that there are also no more direct flights to Las Vegas from bdl.  What is going on?   Very disappointed!


Re: Direct flight Hartford, ct to Ft Lauderdale, fl

Rising Star

Depending on when you search, there are still direct flights available.  Airlines do change their routes over time based on focus areas, demand, seasonality, etc.  It may be that this is a seasonal route.


Keep in mind that Southwest does offer many unique benefits.  Although everyone has different needs, it may be worth a connection for the benefits of flexibility and that famous Southwest service.  And for some, that may not be true.


Either way, happy travels, and keep an eye out.  You never know when that direct flight might come back. 🙂

-A List Preferred, Companion Pass holder, Community Champion.